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Five Horror Film Scenes Not To Watch Again

Five Horror Film Scenes Not To Watch Again

Time and time again, we’re all haunted by something awful that fills our nightmares and stains our thoughts forever more. Sometimes we seek the perturbed out, only to regret that decision for we have created a dark void, filled with brutality and sickness that cannot be wiped from our pure minds (that term should be used extremely lightly for us horror nerds). Regardless of already being a little messed up, there are some scenes that even the most seasoned and hardcore fans cannot fathom to sit through without feeling overwhelmed with discomfort, disgust and shame. Maybe I would inflict torture upon myself once more with a second viewing of the following films, but for consensus reasons, here are five horror movie scenes not to watch again.


All Hallows Eve: It cost an arm and a leg

For as long as I can remember, there has been one scene that has always stayed with me no matter what else I’ve watched. It took me quite some time to pinpoint the exact film, which I think was due to being partially traumatised by what I had witnessed. That scene from All Hallows Eve, do you know the one I’m talking about? If you’ve already seen the horrific and disturbing clown fuckery, then I’ll only need to mention the word ‘cunt’ for you to conjure up the scene. For those of you that don’t know, then I advise you find out, however, proceed with caution. 

Clowns are something I’ll never learn to accept, their whole persona is demonic and threatening, always. Then we throw in some limb butchery, a little hysterical laughing and some severely unsavoury words and you have one of the most PTSD inducing acts I have known to film. If you’re yet to commit to such debauchery in the name of horror, I shall set the scene for you… A young girl awakens upon a table top in a filthy and bloody room cold, naked and exposed to Art the Clown. She soon becomes aware that the reason for her stunted movements (excuse the pun), is due to all four extremities having been amputated. Not only has she been sadistically mutilated, but to add to the horror, the words ‘Cunt’ and ‘Pig’ have been carved into her chest, where her breasts have also been brutally sliced open and removed. He’s taking bookings for all children’s parties.

August Underground: Just hacking around

Some people detest the August Underground trilogy, and others praise it; I am of the latter, and I’m not entirely sure what that says about me. Fred Vogel is continuously trying to push our boundaries to the darkest depths, with his obscene storylines (if you so wish to call them that) and horrifically realistic special effects that easily make even the toughest of stomachs churn. Disturbing content was what I was born for, hence why it is believed I could actually be Satan’s daughter (my Dad has confirmed), so August Underground, and it’s predecessors AU Mordum and Penance, are up there in my rankings. 

Originally I had planned on speaking about the scene where our two protagonists slice off their victim’s nipple, because that’s a thought I would rather never think about again. However, it really is quite tame upon reflection and doesn’t quite deserve that status. It’s fascinating to think that in this world, there are people that have hacked stone cold bodies to pieces in their living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens completely nonchalantly, when the majority of us get grossed out from having to chop raw chicken. AU’s two protagonists need an effective way to dispose of their victim, so they proceed to saw, slice and break their way through the young woman’s body in the bath tub, causing an explicitly gory massacre. The most disturbing part about this scene is watching the two men film their act and make casual jokes, as if hacking a body to pieces was like playing a game of chess.

Hate Crime: How much do you love your mum?

Hate Crime is quite a controversial film to have chosen to put on here, but considering the topic at hand, there’s no better place for it to sit due to the difficult subject matter. James Cullen Bressack’s film isn’t completely classified as a horror movie, however, when you’re broaching the issues of a devastating home intrusion by Neo-Nazi’s it gains every right to dip its toe into that genre. Watching scenes of sexual abuse is always a tough one, I’m sure we can all agree that films such as I Spit on Your Grave aren’t particularly enjoyable in places, but this film takes that to another level - one that can’t easily be forgotten.

When it comes to Hate Crime, the first time watching this (most likely exacerbated by the fact I was in a room full of males, all whom are close and trusted, but made it even more unsettling) film it was switched off and deemed too fucked up for our whisky sponsored Friday evening. So I tackled the film alone, and still those first 10 minutes make me sick. A sweet family of four, father, mother, daughter and son are having their normal family dinner when three drug-fuelled racist, fascist, scumbags erupt into the house, quickly making clear their intentions are only of the foulest manner. Upon a pool table, they begin to forcefully and repeatedly rape the mother whilst ensuring the whole family watch like it’s their favourite Christmas movie. If you think it couldn’t get worse, that is when they violently and aggressively make the son do the same to his mother. If you thought the Irreversible sodomy scene was hard to watch, then you’ll be shocked and outraged. 

Tumbling Doll of Flesh: Every hole’s a goal

What is there not to love about Tumbling Doll of Flesh? People sometimes ask me where do I find joy in life, and that is where I begin to describe this film to them, and my joy rests in watching their faces slowly crumble into despair as they realise I genuinely watch these types of films in my spare time. So far, this film triumphs as the most fucked up shit that I have ever seen, but I’m still on my search for something else (currently reading 120 Days of Sodom, which outdoes everything). What made having watched Tumbling even more disturbing was the fact that apparently it was made and intended for the porn industry, and not the film industry, meaning there are people out there who have gotten their rocks off to this… Words don’t really describe what that means for humanity.

Choosing a scene has been a difficult task, but I’ll go for what is most definitely undeniably traumatic in every sense of the word, just to save you from seeking this out and watching it (I only managed to find this on a very weird porn site). After having completely desecrated a poor girl and mutilating her body beyond recognition, there’s only one way left to fuck it, and that’s not in any conventional way, it’s not even in the Karma Sutra. Every hole is a goal and if you’ve finished with the existing ones, you’ll take a knife to her stomach, slowly create a deep laceration so that her guts and visceral are exposed, and then you will proceed with your lovemaking. The image you’ve conjured up in your head doesn’t even come close to seeing it in action, it also helps that Tumbling was filmed in a very grainy, home video style, because it makes you question whether or not you’re casually watching a genuine snuff film. 

In My Skin: Appetite for destruction

The French know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to filmmaking in general. but especially when it’s horror or ‘disturbing’, with the likes of Martyrs and Inside being helmed from them. In My Skin also known as Dans Ma Peau, is fairly underrated, which could be due to the fact that it’s a foreign title, but well worthy of being mentioned on any list involving films that will leave you with a few mental scars. Directed by and starring Marina de Van, we watch Esther as her stability decreases severely after badly injuring herself on a metal rod whilst at a party. Her fascination with not having felt the pain even considering the degree of cut she sustained, quickly becomes an addiction.

There is a continuous theme here where every film included on this list could be included as a complete one rather than just one scene… Nether-the-less we’ll continue. Realising that our protagonist has a serious mental condition early on, it’s only a matter of time before scenes start to culminate in gruesome acts of self-mutilation and pleasure. After a rather eventful business dinner, including an unruly arm, which seems to have a mind of its own, Esther indulges in her destructive condition by engaging in a gory orgy of flesh cutting and fondling, and even self-cannibalism. To cover up her persistent and dangerous fetish, she proceeds to crash her car to explain the injuries. Now that’s dedication.

Honourable Mentions

I won’t go too much detail when it comes to these ones, but you understand why they’re here. Most of them haven’t been inclusive of the list due to being ‘popular’ in the sense that most people would also put them on their list (and a few of them are from fellow Twitterers).

Human Centipede 2

The baby scene is usually the prominent one that sticks in everyone’s mind, but I’ve decided on the laxatives, centipede and barbed wire rape scene. Yeah, you heard that correctly, barbed wire. It made me physically sick, and I would never want to witness such an atrocity again.


Again, the most mentioned scene refers to the pleasant masturbation session, which quickly turns into some sort of cock smash, resulting in a bloody climax. Being a female, this was trumped by the clit cut scene - that still makes me uncomfortable in more than one way.

A Serbian Film

Do I need to say anything other than the title? I thought not.

What five scenes do you dare not to brace again? Let me know over on Twitter @ZoboWithShotgun

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